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BUREAU of CHANGE is an entity of artists that engages non-artists to reimagine institutional function and philosophy. BUREAU produces projects that acknowledge the transformative power of creative, collaborative communication in our networked global society, as well the vitality of personalized interventions. Our mission and vision is realized in the conception, production, installation, and dissemination of public service, which we generate through enterprising approaches to research-based collaboration. WE RELEASE PUBLIC RECORDS THAT REVEAL HARSH INSTITUTIONAL REALITIES. WE ASSEMBLE CITIZEN COUNCILS TO OPENLY ASSESS ISSUES OF PUBLIC CONCERN. WE PERFORM SERVICES THAT DELIVER GESTURES OF CARE. WE ENCOURAGE AND AGGREGATE INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION TO HARNESS ITS POWER.
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Selected Projects

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  • Restitution to Students
    Restitution to Students

    BUREAU of CHANGE awarded surplus electronics as restitution to students at release of our public record *EDUCATION NOT GUARANTEED.

  • Nothing But the Truth
    Nothing But the Truth

    BUREAU of CHANGE developed a process for finding truths as defined by individuals engaged in collaboration.

  • Taking Care of Trees
    Taking Care of Trees

    BUREAU of CHANGE cleaned up fallen trees in the wake of Hurricane Isaac in search of lumber to make commodities.

  • Taking Care of Education
    Taking Care of Education

    BUREAU of CHANGE invited educators to participate in BodyMind Integrative therapy, bubble baths, and playtime with kittens as a gesture of care.

The mission of  BUREAU of CHANGE is to present catalyst for institutional accountability by envisioning policy and practice rights through collaborative social creations. 
BUREAU of CHANGE envisions a new governmental body that discloses institutional transgressions, engages its people in collective problem solving, and is kinder and gentler to its human and non human resources. 
We acknowledge the transformative power of creative, collaborative communication in our networked global society, as well a the vitality of personalized interventions that promote individual welfare. 
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BUREAU’s Scott Sullivan talks int’l law at Tulane event for Pelican Bomb X Gallery’s False Flags

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Image Credit: PUBLIC MOVEMENT’S DEBRIEFING SESSION I, 2012, AT THE TRIBECA GRAND, NEW YORK, AS PART OF “THE UNGOVERNABLES” AT THE NEW MUSEUM, NEW YORK. COURTESY THE ARTISTS. Panel Discussion: “Imagined Communities and the Nation State” APRIL 2, 2016 @ 3:30PM TULANE UNIVERSITY WOLDENBERG ART CENTER NEW ORLEANS LA 70118   In conjunction with “False Flags” at Pelican Bomb Gallery X, curator Noah Simblist leds a panel discussion about contemporary notions of nationalism and the representation of imagined communities in the Middle East and the Americas. Panelists included Ruti Sela and Maayan Amir from the Tel Aviv-based Exterritory Project, an interdisciplinary initiative that encourages both the theoretical and practical exploration of ideas concerning extraterritoriality, and Alhena Katsof and Nir Shauloff from Public Movement, a performative research body based in Tel Aviv, which investigates and stages political actions in public spaces. Both Exterritory Project and Public Movement have work on view in “False Flags” at X.   The artists were joined by Scott Sullivan (BUREAU of CHANGE/Louisiana State University Law Center) and Tabitha Mustafa (New Orleans Palestinian Solidarity Committee).   Scott Sullivan is a supporting founder of BUREAU of CHANGE and regular contributor to BUREAU projects as mentor and facilitator of discourse in our studio on human...

Circulo A Review

Circola A applauds BUREAU’s Amazing Grace in Material 2016 review

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A Review of art week in Mexico Yunuen Diaz – February 9, 2016 – Mexico City (Google translation) “While Zona MACO fair is aimed at international collectors and consolidated capital, other spaces have decided to to expand our vision of art. For this piece, I will review other fairs and cultural events that took place in the week of contemporary art.   Material Art Fair. Located in the building of Expo Reforma, this fair opens its doors for the third time, the best yet. The spirit of the show seems to be placed in an intermediate space between art exhibition and festival with hundreds of young people walking through the labyrinthine spaces, floating between pieces of bright colors, music and scintillating pop atmosphere. The fair takes us for a moment to a different Mexico, as if a little piece of Manhattan had been implemented for a few days in our city. Many of the exhibiting galleries came from our American neighbor, perhaps because of the proximity or the need also there, as elsewhere, to open new markets. As the dollar swings dangerously on the edge of twenty pesos per dollar, a trip to our exotic land is attractive to anyone. So...


BUREAU debuted Amazing Grace (ft. Barack Obama) at Material 2016, Mexico City

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BUREAU of CHANGE exhibited at Material Art Fair, organized by Daniela Elbahara and Brett Schultz with Isa Natalia Castilla, February 4 – 7, 2016 at Expo Reforma in Mexico City.   Running alongside Zona Maco, Material is the only exhibition of contemporary art in Mexico dedicated to emerging practices. BUREAU presented our newest work, Amazing Grace (ft. Barack Obama), a gospel-rap musical video installation created by Margot Herster and K.G. with Kareem Henry. We also exhibited selected works from our flat files. On Saturday, February 6th, BUREAU founder Margot Herster moderated a conversation in the Material Salon on interdisciplinary collaboration in education-centric art practice with artist Steven Pedeaux and Professor Scott Sullivan.   Amazing Grace juxtaposes video of Confederate monuments since slated for removal in New Orleans against a performance by a black performer costumed as the Statue of Liberty archival images and audio from the June 2015 Charleston, S.C. church massacre. The lyrics interpret Charleston shootings in the context of recent police shootings and social media activism, set to a beat and chorus that samples President Obama singing Amazing Grace for the eulogy of Paster Clementa Pinckney, one of the nine victims killed at the church.   Material 2016 included a rigorous selection of 64 galleries, non-profits and...