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BUREAU of CHANGE is an entity of artists that engages non-artists to reimagine institutional function and philosophy. BUREAU produces projects that acknowledge the transformative power of creative, collaborative communication in our networked global society, as well the vitality of personalized interventions. Our mission and vision is realized in the conception, production, installation, and dissemination of public service, which we generate through enterprising approaches to research-based collaboration. WE RELEASE PUBLIC RECORDS THAT REVEAL HARSH INSTITUTIONAL REALITIES. WE ASSEMBLE CITIZEN COUNCILS TO OPENLY ASSESS ISSUES OF PUBLIC CONCERN. WE PERFORM SERVICES THAT DELIVER GESTURES OF CARE. WE ENCOURAGE AND AGGREGATE INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION TO HARNESS ITS POWER.
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Recent Activities

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  • Restitution to Students
    Restitution to Students

    BUREAU of CHANGE awarded surplus electronics as restitution to students at release of our public record *EDUCATION NOT GUARANTEED.

  • Nothing But the Truth
    Nothing But the Truth

    BUREAU of CHANGE developed a process for finding truths as defined by individuals engaged in collaboration.

  • Taking Care of Trees
    Taking Care of Trees

    BUREAU of CHANGE cleaned up fallen trees in the wake of Hurricane Isaac in search of lumber to make commodities.

  • Taking Care of Education
    Taking Care of Education

    BUREAU of CHANGE invited educators to participate in BodyMind Integrative therapy, bubble baths, and playtime with kittens as a gesture of care.

  • 2013 Creative Time Summit @BUREAU of CHANGE
    2013 Creative Time Summit @BUREAU of CHANGE

    BUREAU of CHANGE hosted the 2013 Creative Time Summit: Art, Place, and Dislocation in New Orleans.

The mission of  BUREAU of CHANGE is to present catalyst for institutional accountability by envisioning policy and practice rights through collaborative social creations. 
BUREAU of CHANGE envisions a new governmental body that discloses institutional transgressions, engages its people in collective problem solving, and is kinder and gentler to its human and non human resources. 
We acknowledge the transformative power of creative, collaborative communication in our networked global society, as well a the vitality of personalized interventions that promote individual welfare. 
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Guantanamo 2013 T-Shirt

Guantanamo 2013 T-Shirt

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BUREAU of CHANGE exhibits at Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans

BUREAU of CHANGE’s HERE/HOME project is exhibiting in the collective exhibition, TANK DRAMA: Deliberations from The Wet Grave, curated by Jan Gilbert. Artists working in a multiplicity of art forms—theater, writing, visual art, film, music, dance, and more—are brought together under the umbrella of The VESTIGES Project to present their work in the Lupin Foundation Gallery, along with scheduled events in the Freeport-McMoRan Theater and additional off-site venues. These greatly varied works have evolved over the course of the past eight years, many winding their way through several iterations in different locales. The artists and works often traveled to cities with a high concentration of New Orleanians in diaspora, such as Houston and Atlanta. Others reached out to people and places with parallel coastal experiences and concerns. Some works passionately address issues such as global warming, public health, racism, and economic inequities, while others gently touch upon modes of peaceful escape, meanderings of memento mori, and metaphors and tools for intimate community healing and rebuilding. Assembled together, these works are a potent representation of just some of the creative networks documenting, remembering, and re-visioning post-Katrina New Orleans. The ongoing efforts to think through the past while establishing fresh connections propels us toward...

Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight Acquires Our Work

  Duke University’s Center for Advanced Hindsight acquired work from BUREAU of CHANGE’s Taking Care of Trees project for it’s collection. Behavioral economist and founder of the Center, Dan Ariely, also a popular TED talker and NYT best-selling author, commented on the BUREAU’s work: About the Center for Advanced Hindsight:  The central goal of the Center for Advanced Hindsight is to develop great insights (in hindsight) about an extensive and diverse set of research projects. As a non-discriminating institution, its work examines published as well as unpublished work, and the work of researchers of all ranks. Of course, this involvement is restricted to work conducted by unaffiliated researchers, as this kind of intimate scientific inquiry by its members would be too dangerous. Needless to say, all aforementioned work is done retrospectively. One might even go as far as saying “in hindsight.” The sole responsibility of members is to critique the work of others and comment on the obvious intuitiveness and predictability of the results. In fact, there is no “ground-breaking” research that comes as a surprise to the brilliant minds of the Center. The initiation process to become an official member of the center requires an oath of commitment to apathy and...


BUREAU of CHANGE hosted a launch party and screening of our short documentary *EDUCATION NOT GUARANTEED on Friday, April 19 from 7PM to 10PM at 421 N Third St. in downtown Baton Rouge. Sparked by illegal student fee practices and misappropriation of digital media education funds at Louisiana State University, *EDUCATION NOT GUARANTEED reveals new information on how financial improprieties reflect a broader “academic environment where administrators and faculty feel free to indulge their fears and egos over their responsibility to students.” The documentary, which was created by LSU School of Art alumni and faculty, follows the journey of a student whose trust in the university dissipates as he witnesses how his education is sacrificed due to others’ corruption and deceit. As a gesture of Restitution to Students whose fee money was misappropriated for faculty iPads and other perks, BUREAU of CHANGE awarded surplus projectors, scanners and other equipment from the state of Louisiana to LSU students and alumni who attend the premiere. Free BUREAU of CHANGE t-shirts were available throughout the evening for all attendees.