BUREAU of CHANGE is an entity of artists that engages non-artists to reimagine institutional function and philosophy. BUREAU produces projects that acknowledge the transformative power of creative, collaborative communication in our networked global society, as well the vitality of personalized interventions. Our mission and vision is realized in the conception, production, installation, and dissemination of public service, which we generate through enterprising approaches to research-based collaboration. WE RELEASE PUBLIC RECORDS THAT REVEAL HARSH INSTITUTIONAL REALITIES. WE ASSEMBLE CITIZEN COUNCILS TO OPENLY ASSESS ISSUES OF PUBLIC CONCERN. WE PERFORM SERVICES THAT DELIVER GESTURES OF CARE. WE ENCOURAGE AND AGGREGATE INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION TO HARNESS ITS POWER.
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BUREAU of CHANGE is a New Orleans digital media studio that creates, curates and exhibits socially and politically engaged art.

Working on interdisciplinary teams, we conceive, produce and disseminate creative works through enterprising approaches to research-based collaboration between artists and non-artists.