BUREAU of CHANGE is an entity of artists that engages non-artists to reimagine institutional function and philosophy. BUREAU produces projects that acknowledge the transformative power of creative, collaborative communication in our networked global society, as well the vitality of personalized interventions. Our mission and vision is realized in the conception, production, installation, and dissemination of public service, which we generate through enterprising approaches to research-based collaboration. WE RELEASE PUBLIC RECORDS THAT REVEAL HARSH INSTITUTIONAL REALITIES. WE ASSEMBLE CITIZEN COUNCILS TO OPENLY ASSESS ISSUES OF PUBLIC CONCERN. WE PERFORM SERVICES THAT DELIVER GESTURES OF CARE. WE ENCOURAGE AND AGGREGATE INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION TO HARNESS ITS POWER.
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About Us

BUREAU, Sandborn Map (1885)

BUREAU of CHANGE, Sandborn Maps (1885)

BUREAU of CHANGE is an education-centric lab for real art practice in New Orleans. We create, curate and exhibit socially and politically engaged work.

Our objectives are influenced by the Works Progress Administration’s Federal Art Project implemented during the Great Depression. We harken a a lost but not forgotten era when the government stimulated jobs in the arts by employing artists to create public works and subsidizing community education centers that offered training in arts skills applicable to industrial jobs of the time. Our process commissions artists and non-artists to collaborate on creative works aimed at inciting institutional change while studying social technology, digital media theory, interdisciplinary research and artistic production.

BUREAU of CHANGE was co-founded by Margot Herster with a group of university art students and recent graduates to create a space outside of the existing education system for collaborative practice and development opportunities with peers and mentors. Originating out of dissatisfaction with the state of higher education, BUREAU has developed into a new school in the form of an atelier-style studio in which a diverse group—established artists and designers, student apprentices and young artists, scholars and community experts, and the public—interact to create.

BUREAU of CHANGE produces exhibitions, participatory and site-specific experiences, workshops and public programming, made-for-internet works, and collaborations with local and international institutions for commissioned projects. We regularly exhibit at art institutions and other community-accessible spaces, as well as US/IS, our public art space at Gravier & Magazine Streets in downtown New Orleans.

BUREAU of CHANGE, Google Maps (2015)

BUREAU of CHANGE, Google Maps (2015)